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FrontLine, located in the heart of the South Main District, is the district’s newest townhomes development. Situated on a parcel that is between Front Street, Butler and Wagner, this development will include 30 luxury townhomes with unique facades that undulate along the urban streetscape with diverse heights and creative materials


This is truly going to be an exceptional project for the district. An all-local-team based in Memphis and made up of a private developer and architecture firm that have won many awards, and a builder who was selected for his strict adherence to quality and attention to the details. They have teamed up to bring this innovative development to South Main. FrontLine, when completed will enhance the existing South Main District.



In the heart of South Main, FrontLine is low maintenance living and will give the homeowners more time to enjoy all the amenities in the district such as    Trolley night, river walks, shops, restaurants, music venues, the Orpheum, sports venues, and the Farmer's Market, all in 

walking distance. 

This may be the only development opportunity that you will have to own in South Main.   

There will be 3 different areas at FrontLine with distinctively different designed floor plans effectively utilizing all the square footage. The floor plans are open plans that allow for the maximum use of the living space. This will make each area simple to furnish and flexible for those who have different needs. The grounds of FrontLine provide a green-space, an area for grilling, a secure space for delivered packages, a deck for community gatherings and AmTrack observation, and a secure space for bikes. Prices starting under $360,

Exceptional modern design and flexible spaces makes the spaces at FrontLine unique for the South Main area.  The 30 townhomes have open plans that allow for the maximum use of the spaces. Each thoughtfully designed townhome provides professionally designed kitchens, bathrooms and attached garages all in the the hottest area of Downtown - South Main. The modern design creates comfort through the use of natural light, generous ceiling heights and spacious interiors.

There will be a HOA

 A HOA is created by record of a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions the bylaws of the

HOA are not recorded in the land records.

Due to the lesser maintenance, repair, replacement, and insurance obligations, your fees will be considerably lower than comparably sized condos. We are estimating a $90.00 monthly fee, this will include yard upkeep, Water for irrigation, Electric for common lighting, Weekly Trash Pick up, Security Cameras, Insurance for the common spaces.